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A Campfire Talk Awaits

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Howdy Partner,

My name’s Cowboy and welcome to Campfire Park where the campfire is always crackling and visitors are always welcome.

What do we discuss around the campfire? Well, just about anything really … and more and more about how to unplug and reconnect with the old way we did things before all this new-fangled gadgetry took over our lives. And it’s not just me, we have a group of campfire hosts.

Here at Campfire Park, we didn’t so much “reinvent the campfire” as we gave it a reboot for our modern times.

Greetings from Campfire Park

What’s our secret? We deliver quality campfire talks straight to your digital doorstop. No more fussin’ with messy wood or getting meddlesome smoke in the eye, we let you enjoy the campfire experience right in the palm of your hands.

So hunker down and have a seat …

It’s time for a good ol’ campfire talk!

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The Campfire

A Campfire Talk Awaits