Campfire Park

The Campfire Awaits

Mosey To Campfire

Howdy Folks,

And welcome to Campfire Park where the campfire’s always crackling and visitors are always welcome.

Here at Campfire Park, we didn’t so much “reinvent the campfire” as we gave it a reboot for our modern times. Our goal? To resuscitate new life into the campfire tradition. With our new brand of kindling, we bring the campfire to you.

And it’s not just me. We have a whole team of campfire host, including a podcast hosted by a guitar, interviews by a phone-eating dinosaur, Buck Buckner’s AM radio show, speeches from Candidate Burt Silver and more.

As for the topics: the conversation usually swirls around a grass-roots uprising of thought (and action) called the Nature Folk Movement (NFM). What is the NFM? It’s where we go about fixing nature (and our connection to it) one campfire talk at a time. If you think that’s far fetched, you’ll be even more surprised to hear the spokesperson of the movement is a talking guitar.

The Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is also not without its adversaries, and especially its chief villain — The Boogie Phone, or just “Boogie.”

Oh, and how could I forget: Campfire Park is home to the Centennial Campfire Trilogy of books by Robert V Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich.

As you might have already guessed, the idea for the trilogy started around a campfire. And not just any campfire, but the original campfire where the concept of our campfire reboot came to life.

The trilogy in a nutshell: It chronicles the day in the life of a park ranger, who after a very long day manning a visitor center in the liquid heart of a remote swamp, sets out to to a campground at dusk to give a half-hour campfire talk — or is he in for the journey of his life?

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Otherwise, let’s head over to the campfire!

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