Campfire Venues

The Nature Folk Movement (NFM) comes to life around the campfire with our network supporters and adversaries. On a nightly basis, around the campfire, they are engaging in an honest debate of what the NFM is all about.

Supporters and adversaries

Our Supporters

Bringing the water cycle to you, in a way that’s fun and informative.

Singer/songwriter’s campfire odes and concerts mostly on nature.

Pen and paper are trending. Time for a handwriting workout.

Before Phones

Interviews and more aimed at learning about the cryptic geologic era before phones.

Firelight Radio

A podcast hosted by a talking guitar covering the Nature Folk Movement (NFM).


A rereadable is any book you go back to time and time again. Rediscover your bookshelf.

Nature Folk HQ

Home of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), flyer and folksters.

Home of the campfire talk. We bring the campfire to you.

Home of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that pays the bills.

Our Adversaries

Boogie Phone

Is the Boogie Phone as unhealthy as smoking? Maybe even worse. Not that anyone’s telling you to cut back.

Top Floor

Big Development, Government, and Corporations want to call the shots without the little guy getting heard.

Spam Providers

Spam wants to fritter away at your life, scam you into sales, and under-deliver in all ways.

Urban sprawl

Remember that patch of woods when you were a kid. Well, today its a parking lot.

Uncle & Uncle

Have you or a close friend been psycho-logically harmed. If so “Call Your Uncle.”

Usual Suspects

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth will trip us up every time.

Campfire Topics

The thing about a campfire, there’s no telling where the conversation will turn or what topics will come up. But there are a few topics we return to time and time again.

Campfire Types

Here are Campfire Park, we try to rekindle the campfire magic in all its forms.

Campfire Hosts

Here at Campfire Park, we have a whole team of campfire hosts. Their goal: To deliver you a high-quality campfire experience.