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Intro - A Talking Guitar?

Why Guitar is the perfect host for the Firelight Radio podcast

By Campfire Park

Many have asked:

Why does a talking guitar host your podcast?

Firelight Radio presents: Rocks are Fun

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First, you can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without a guitar at a campfire. So who not better to host Firelight Radio than a guitar? Really the idea of the podcast is to generate a laidback feel. You know, just discussing things in a conversational tone around a campfire. After several auditions – an electric guitar, a walrus and a piece of Tamiami Caprock also applied – we felt that an acoustic guitar would hit the right chord with listeners.

The only problem: Despite his name and shape, guitar doesn’t play guitar very well. All he can really do is strum. Fortunately he’s a pretty good conversationalist so we are pretty forgiving on the musical front.

Second, the Firelight Radio podcast isn’t just about the water. It’s programming spans widely across a range of topics relevant to the Nature Folk Movement (NFM). For example, Singer/songwriter Bobby Angel is a regular guest, as is the Cowboy at the Campfire, a phone-eating dinosaur named Dino, and others. And third, who doesn’t love a guitar by a campfire? Our research indicated not many.

So there you have it, that’s why we have a talking guitar hosting our podcast. If that doesn’t make any sense, give it a listen and hopefully, eventually, you’ll also agree.

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Dear Shareholders
And steering committee

Every year Berkshire and Hathaway …

Gather to talk about their oodles of money.

Firelight Radio is available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean

That’s great, and I don’t mean to condemn.  But where are those same stakeholders and steering committees convening when it comes to preservation of our natural resources?  A recent article in the New York Times on Warren Buffet’s annual meeting inspired me to put together a like-minded soliloquy on the state of affairs all things Nature Folk Inc.  For anyone listening, especially if you’re heavily invested in Berkshire Hathaway, Nature Folk Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization and we welcome any charitable (and tax deductible) contributions you can throw our way.  

P.S. Here’s a quick link to Campfire’s Park Paypal Donate Tip Hat. All proceeds help support our campfires.

Outside the Bunker
And why we hit the road

What’s the best way …

To reach your audience?

Buck hits the road

For AM Radio Host “In The Bunker” with Buck Buckner, the usually means hunkering down in the place he knows best, and where he can broadcast has thoughts far and wide — in the safety and sanctity of his bunker. As for who’s actually listening, even if it’s only one person (and that one person is Buck), it’s worth the cause. Or do you sometimes have to venture outside the comfort zone to reach new crowds? Buck finds himself oddly reenergized as he hits the road.

Buck Buckner is an AM Radio host at Campfire Park.


What Weekend?
Not that I'm complaining

Nobody sets out for their weekend to turn into an algorithm, nor do you expect to show up on Monday to discover that your flagship website isn’t working quite like it should.

P.S. Firelight Radio is available on Apple Podcasts and PodbeanAdd block

The positive news is that I went for two runs and three walks and had two eureka moments along the way. I’m not saying I have things completely figured out. But by the end of Monday, I turned the lemons of having to revert to a “backup(p)ed” version (I can’t seem to spell that word) of my website only to serve as inspiration to reformat the entire front page. After about two hours I finally got it to looking semi-right. In retrospect, I’m not convinced the breakdown wasn’t a blessing in disguise. It forced me to admit that the old formatting wasn’t quite working.

But my larger point: Really, the whole point about the Nature Folk Flyer is to connect myself and my audience to nature. Why is it then that I seem to be spending equal shares of my time working through the minutia and archania of the computer matrix? It didn’t help that the internet was down when I arrived home at the end of the day. Keep in mind by this time I had discovered that my website was seizing up, and entire pages weren’t appearing when clicked. After a quick inspect of a couple work-arounds, and a hesitancy to try to contact technical support which is always by chat, and not very good: I simply took the bull by the horns and reverted to a backup copy of my site. And as I said, that served as inspiration to reformat and reconsider my old structural design.

The result? I’d really like to delve deeply into the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), and maybe someday I’ll get this complex architecture of websites figured out. Until then, I’m just glad I’m enjoying the process. What more really can you ask for in life?


Spring drought paradox

There’s no lusher drought …

Than springtime in the Big Cypress Swamp.

Firelight Radio is available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean

This podcast dives deep into the paradox and oxymoron of south Florida’s spring drought, why you should never walk into a gator hole, and when we can expect it to end with the start up of the summer rains.

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