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Mailbag: Campfire Breaks
Cowboy answers fan mail

It’s a well known cliché …

That you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel.

Cowboy answers fan mail

But why not? What if a square wheel is better? In this modern day world that everything is turned on its head, there’s really no telling. Same goes with the campfire. Lots of people are going around and saying, “hey, the campfire is fine.” But if that’s the case, why are so many of our “in person” campfire talks not drawing big crowds, or really any people at all? Hint: It has nothing to do with the quality of our talks (in our opinion). That’s where Campfire Park’s very own Cowboy at the Campfire steps in to answer Suzy from Toledo’s letter about that the campfire reboot at Campfire Park is all about. Think “square wheel” only better.

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Factoid: A new analysis of burned antelope bones from caves in Swartkrans, South Africa, confirms that Australopithecus robustus and/or Homo erectus built campfires roughly 1.6 million years ago.

Puddle Problems?
If so, Call Your Uncle

Have you or a close friend …

Ever stepped in a puddle?

Uncle & Uncle is in Your Corner

And if so, did it cause your shoes (and possibly socks) to get wet, to the point you’re walking around for the rest of the day with that swishy sound in your shoe. And did that water cause physical damage and psychological harm causing you to slip and possibly damage other apparel? If so, Uncle & Uncle is in your corner where we specialize in petty differences and frivolous disputes. Folks, don’t curse the puddle. Call Your Uncle. 1-UNCLE-UNCLE. And remember folks it’s not just one shoe and sock that got wet. They come as a pair. So keep that in mind and Call Your Uncle.

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Factoid: The term puddle dates to the 14 century related Old English and German expressions, such as PudeIn “to splash water.”

Redemptive Return
A prodigal son returns to get things right

Restoration is possible …

You just have to believe.

Prodigal son returns with a campfire confession

A little imagination doesn’t hurt either …

Plus a lot of hard work.

The list goes on.

Or is it too late? In this campfire confession, a prodigal son returns to to find a landscape he doesn’t remember and memory he wants to reclaim. Fortunately the Cowboy at the Campfire has a fire waiting and is ready to hear him out.

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Quote: “Redemption is not perfection. The redeemed must realize their imperfections.” — John Piper

Buck and Paste
And how it compares to other great inventions

In the great debate …

Of humanities greatest invention:

Buck gives a short tutorial on “Cut and Pasting”

It probably varies according to who you ask. Going back to the beginning, many would say the wheel, or any of the other six simple tools (wedge, screw, lever, pulley, inclined plane and the wheel and axle). From a more contemporary viewpoint, others might say the microwave oven, the automobile, the computer, the mobile phone, and probably not the toaster, although I would give it a vote (I toast all my bread). The camera, moving pictures, the airplane and the printing press probably also rank high. And for that matter, whoever invented writing in general, has to get a vote. Speaking of writing, AM Radio host Buck Buckner from In The Bunker is solidly of the mindset that the fine art of “cut and paste” ranks high on the list of the greatest inventions of the modern age.

To be sure, it’s as good a campfire question as there is: What tops your list as the greatest invention of all time?

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My Top 5: (5) ball point pen, (4) the clock, (3) duct tape, (2) car radio, (1) the toaster.