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Era Before Phones (BP)
An in-depth geologic look

Granted, it was a bizarre time.

People actually had to talk to each other face to face.

Introducing Dino the phone-eating dinosaur

And there were only three channels on the TV.

As unpleasant as that sounds, somehow it worked (although I have my doubts).

Dino is just trying to understand modern life

But how exactly did people survive (even thrive) before phones?

Here at Before Phones (BP) “Where the Dinosaurs Roam” we explore the latest discoveries about the Pre-Phone era. Our methodologies include interviews with other dinosaurs, the latest archeological finds and a range of other innovative research techniques.

Mysteries We Explore

Nothing to fear, Dino will not harm you (but he may eat your phone)

Here at Before Phones (BP), we are dedicate to trying to understand the cryptic pre-phone era.

Unresolved questions include:

  • How people drove without texting?
  • What is was like to have only 24 photos to a roll?
  • How people (dinosaurs) coped with the boredom?

Our Goal

Dino interviews other dinosaurs

The pre-phone era also had its charm (so they say).

Our goal is to understand how society worked without everyone staring at their phone all day (and night).

  • To inform, inspire and educate about the pre-phone era
  • Feature guests from the Before Phone (BP) era
  • Continuously improve our understanding of phonelessness

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Tidbit: The average smart phone user checks their phone 47 times per day.

Scenic Muscovy Lake?
Art of balancing protection and access

Here at Campfire Park …

We like to let people enjoy nature.

Cowboy has a plan, but will it work?

But sometimes people can love nature too much. Too many people in one spot can start to leave impacts. Such was the case at Scenic Lake when an unexpected visitor arrived: A Muscovy Duck. Just as quickly the visitors cleared out. (Let’s just say it isn’t the most majestic of creatures). Departure of the duck eventually led to a return of the visitors and the tell-tale impacts of over use they left behind. The solution? The Lake was aptly renamed Scenic Muscovy Lake. It was that inspired naming convention that led to just the right balance of preservation and visitation.

Handwriting workshop

I’ll be the first to admit …

That this isn’t the best handwritten note.

But the truth is you’ve got to start somewhere. And in retrospect, it’s not all that bad, even though it started poorly and really didn’t have a strong finish. The secret? When in doubt go for the margin to write a good P.S.. In this case, actually, the P.S. wasn’t all that good. What it did show was extra effort, and when it comes to letter writing, effort counts.

What really makes this letter stand out is the play by play analysis.

How To: Make a s’mores
Believe it or not, pepperoni is popular in some regions

You don’t need a recipe book

To make a s’mores, or do you?

There’s more to a good s’more than meets the eye

The Cowboy a the Campfire does his best to explain. Common mistakes: burning marshmallows is always a scourge. Then on the other hand sitting too far away doesn’t work either. The trick? Finding just the right distance. And the ingredients matter, too. For example, pepperoni usually isn’t a good match, although regionally it is a delicacy in some parts. S’mores really are less about the taste and more about the memory … and the hope you don’t burn the top of your mouth.