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Charlie’s campfire
Inside Book 1: The Legend of Campfire Charlie

Campfire Charlie is more than just a legend …

He’s also featured in a book.

A summary of the trilogy

Summary: Join Rusty, a well-meaning but ― how shall we say ― “often distracted” park ranger, who is scheduled to give an evening campfire talk in a swamp preserve on a topic he doesn’t much like.  Not to worry (or maybe worry a lot) as the unwitting ranger meets a mysterious stranger who catapults him on a breathtaking journey to confront and maybe finally answer the deepest and most confounding question of his life.  That’s assuming he can ever get done (or to) his campfire talk …

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When water reverses
The storm that shook up the water cycle

Water going the wrong way …

Isn’t as uncommon as you may think.

Campfire talk in its entirety

The caveat is the water is usually right.

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Summary: It’s not often water rises this high in the swamp, ever – let alone in mid November when water is traditionally inching its way down. The result was a number of unexpected sights, and water flowing all over the place – even over roads. By the end of the day, I wanted to package it up into a leisurely campfire talk for everyone to enjoy.

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“Water Cycle Served Fresh”

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Highly political campfire
Award-winning journalist Rupert Robbins grills Candidate Burt Silver in an interview for the ages

Is it ever good idea …

To discuss politics at a campfire?

Entire campfire talk in its entirety

Well, every once in a great while there’s a politician that everyone sort of loves. Why? For one, Candidate Burt Silver has a silver tongue, and also a pretty good idea of who he is and what he stands for. There’s no mincing of the words when it comes to describing his favorite color, why he loves the late night smoky boil room, or talking about late-night feedbags after a long night of cardplaying. Find out more about Candidate Burt Silver in the videos below.

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Folk star campfire
Balladeer Bobby Angel discusses Nature Folk

What is the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)?

Bobby Angel explains:

Campfire talk in its entirety

Why? Because the Bobby Angel canon strikes at the heart of what protecting nature and getting back to the basics is all about. Or if you don’t believe me, just listen to what Bobby Angel has to say. And yes, he more than likely will mix in a few of his nature folk ballads, too.

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Summary: Bobby Angel may only know three chords, and when it comes to finger picking, usually he just settles for strumming chords. But isn’t that what a campfire shanty is all about. The sound of the campfire provides all the accompaniment you need. What’s next for Bobby Angel. Possibly a campfire tour. But first he has to finish up his second studio release: The Green Album.

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This campfire talk was brought to you by singer/songwriter Bobby Angel

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