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Forgotten forest
fondly remembered, only too late

It’s the type of forest …

Nobody cares about until it’s gone.

Ugliest Forest, the Song

And if we’ve seen it once we’ve all seen in a thousand times. It’s that patch of trees that looks pretty enough, although it may be infested with invasive trees, and littered with trash. And no it’s never that big patch of woods, just a remnant of a larger contiguous mass or woods that got gobbled up by housing developments of various types.

Ugliest Forest, the Interview

Why and how that patch of woods escaped development is anyone’s guess. Maybe it got held up in a real estate dispute, or maybe the owner was holding out for a higher price, or maybe the zoning laws were still being hashed out. Whatever the case, the patch of woods survived, and even thrived as judged by the birds and the bunnies and the mice (and maybe even a bobcat). And then just like that, in move the bulldozers

And the woods are gone.

Return of Bobby Angel
And why he never went away

Sometimes life …

Trips you up.

One of my better live performances

The only known antidote: Get up and brush it off. And I don’t speak from experience. I’m only saying it as a last resort. These past few months I’ve been going through a song-writing lull. The good news: I’ve seriously gone through my archive and put my songs to memory. I am now capable of playing any number of song sets. The problem is: I’ve left a lot of half-baked songs languish on the window sill. I’m not saying I’m not going to eventually get back up on the horse and gallop full speed ahead. But there are times I wish I was a full time nature-folk balladeer instead of doing the balancing act of being a hydrologist, every night campfire host, performing late night campfire concerts, maintaining a podcast and also trying to put the finishing touches on a fourth installment of a major literary work. Bogged down? Only to the uninitiated. There’s an old saying: If you want something done, ask a busy person. The corollary is: being bogged down is just a momentary state of finally breaking through to the promised land.

Fan Mail
Why I love fan mail

Nothing quite says love …

Like the message from an adoring fan.

Fan mail rocks, in a folksy way

The truth is: Any piece of mail that isn’t a bill, or junk mail, or some other promo offer is a good feeling. As much as I like receiving a letter in the mail, probably my first love is writing letters myself and sending them loose into the universe of whoever I’m sending them to. If I had a nickel for every letter I wrote, I’d have a lot of nickels, even dimes worth. My point: We all deserve fans and we all deserve mail. Letters to and from friends are a priceless form of art.