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Buck Talks Water

When it comes to any topic …

Buck knows a lot.

Buck goes on a water rant

Basically, AM Radio Host Buck Buckner is an expert in too many topics to count, at least in his own mind. Case in point is the subject of water. It doesn’t take Buck long to connect the dots on the vital link between Bigfoot and keeping the water clean. The reason? Bigfoot enjoys drinking his water straight from the stream. Thus, if you want to have any slim hope of catching a glimpse of Bigfoot, perhaps our only hope is keeping our waterways clean, as that’s the only place he drinks. Bucks greatest dream: To have a sit down interview with Bigfoot where at the table he’d serve him up with fresh glass of water scooped straight from the stream. Here’s the dreaming!

Major Water Speech

When is it a good time …

To talk about water?

Burt’s water speech

Answer: Probably at any point during a campaign, or after it for that matter, too. To quote a close friend, water will always be on humanity’s Top 3 priority list. Family, peace, water. Maybe not in that order. In this epic speech, in true Burt fashion the candidate lays bare his passion for the substance at the same time he isn’t going to reveal his hand as to what may or may not be in his cup when he’s playing high stakes poker in the smokey boiler room at night. Why? If Burt understands anything in life, it’s how to play a hand, be it weak or strong. In his view, him revealing whether he’s drinking water or something else is akin to the most dreaded of card table (and/or negotiation) faux paus — a tell.

So you’ll just have to trust Burt when in comes to the water, or whatever’s he drinking.

Outside the Bunker
And why we hit the road

What’s the best way …

To reach your audience?

Buck hits the road

For AM Radio Host “In The Bunker” with Buck Buckner, the usually means hunkering down in the place he knows best, and where he can broadcast has thoughts far and wide — in the safety and sanctity of his bunker. As for who’s actually listening, even if it’s only one person (and that one person is Buck), it’s worth the cause. Or do you sometimes have to venture outside the comfort zone to reach new crowds? Buck finds himself oddly reenergized as he hits the road.

Buck Buckner is an AM Radio host at Campfire Park.

Power of the bookmark
And why you still need one

Remember the days …

When a bookmark was a good present?

Cowboy talks bookmarks

Well, how else were you going to remember where you left of reading. Sure, you could use a scrap piece of paper, or alternatively dog ear a page, or even try to remember the page you last left off, but none of those had the style points of a good old fashioned bookmark — especially the ones with a tassel on the end. Today, bookmarks are pretty rare. And if you read from your phone or another digital device, really what’s the point. My solution: I highly recommend picking up a “paper and ink” copy of your favorite book (i.e. think of “paper and ink” as the “bricks and mortar” equivalent of a digital book), find a comfortable chair and settle down under a good reading light and just dive into a book. And no you won’t get it done in one sitting. That’s why you’ll need a good bookmark.