Restorative Campfire
A prodigal son returns with a plan

Campfires don’t solve everything …

Or do they?

Campfires can be the start of something great.

Well, they are no guarantee. But ideas have to start somewhere. And don’t you think there’s a little magic around the campfire at night when the stars are twinkling and the embers are pulsing just right. Add in a dash of imagination and who’s to say that good things are not, if not guaranteed, right there on the cusp of becoming reality. The hard part is waking up and bringing the dream to life. It’s nothing that happens in a night or a day, but if we plug away, good things may unfold.

Art of Slowing Down
And why the Tortoise always wins

What’s the right speed …

When you’re driving through nature?

Getting there fast is overrated

Answer: Somewhere between the velocity of the Tortoise and the Hare. And if we’ve learned anything from that fable: Going slower actually gets you there first. (Just ask the poor hare – he’s never won once! Once of these days the Hare is going to wisen up and challenge the Tortoise to a sprint.)

Reminder: Wherever you drive, forget to to keep a vigilant eye out for both, especially in roads that traverse conservation lands. Rabbits and turtles call those places home, and both too frequently are common roadkill.

Other advantages of going slow?

  • It increases your time to think and decompress.
  • More quality radio and audio book listening time.
  • You lead by example by showing other people how to drive.
  • Driving the speed limit is safer.
  • You probably save on gas.

P.S. And if run across any litter, pick it up. It does a place well to see it litter free.