Outside the Bunker
And why we hit the road

What’s the best way …

To reach your audience?

Buck hits the road

For AM Radio Host “In The Bunker” with Buck Buckner, the usually means hunkering down in the place he knows best, and where he can broadcast has thoughts far and wide — in the safety and sanctity of his bunker. As for who’s actually listening, even if it’s only one person (and that one person is Buck), it’s worth the cause. Or do you sometimes have to venture outside the comfort zone to reach new crowds? Buck finds himself oddly reenergized as he hits the road.

Buck Buckner is an AM Radio host at Campfire Park.

Waterman Speech
Coming to a train station near you

What does it take …

To protect our water resources?

Water needs vision like never before

In word, vision. But vision alone is not enough. It requires activism and a willingness (and energy) to deliver the message to the people in their communities and in a way that communicates to their hearts and their minds. Lastly, it takes a sustained effort and getting everyone involved.

More about this speech: I wrote it in a fit of inspiration meant to be delivered in front of the campfire. It borrows heavily from other speeches, but also tries to cultivate its own organic voice and tenor. Importantly, I memorized the speech before actually putting it to paper. It was only in performing it, and listening to myself say it, that I refined the language and intonations, the later of which continue to evolve. There is a prequel to this speech. Maybe I have to starting thinking of a second part, too. BTW: I do have a powerpoint I often lead into after the speak, called “The Water Plan.” Vision is vital but persistence (and executing the plan) is the ultimate cure.

Setting the record straight
Burt talks late night smokey boiler room

There’s a lot of confusion …

Swirling around the “late night smokey boiler room.”

Burt discusses his record, proudly

Burt’s happy to talk his record, any time and anywhere

For a lot of people, there’s a knee-jerk reaction that it’s a waste of time, or even worse — a distraction from a productive life. Not for Candidate Burt Silver. The late night smokey boiler room is where he finds his sweet spot, and where he gets down to what he does best — pulling in lots of earnings, coming up with all his best ideas, and strapping on a late night feedbag at the all-night dinner afterwards. How late afterwards? Usually by the time Burt shows up at the late-night dinner, the dawn of a new day is starting to break. That’s actually how Burt came up with his campaign slogan: “It’s a new dawn with Burt Silver, because he stayed up all night to see it.” New Dawn is also the name of his campaign song, as sung by Bobby Angel.

The truth about Burt Silver is this: He gets the job done.

Major speech
Burt Silver approves this message

What’s the secret to Burt Silver’s success?

Knowing his way around the card table hasn’t hurt.

Burt Silver approves this message

In this video, Candidate Burt Silver presents his case in plain English to the voters. A vote for Burt Silver is a bet on a great gambler who’s ready to apply the same lessons he’s learned at the card table to serving his constituency. Remember: It’s a new dawn with Burt Silver … Because he stayed up all night to see it.

Vote Burt!