Campfire crasher?

Visitors are always welcome …

Around a campfire, right?

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At Campfire Park, the answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean you can show up at every campfire uninvited and expect good results. In this episode of Firelight Radio, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel shows up unexpectedly at a campfire. Will the welcome him around the fiery orb with open arms? Or will campfire sentinels keep him at bay. Knowing Bobby Angel, he’ll find a way to not just sneak in, but also thoroughly entertain his gracious hosts. Or does another fate await the folk star. Listen to this podcast discover the stunning result

Rediscover Your Bookshelf

My name is Mr. Bookshelf. And I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, just another bookshelf that collects dust.” Actually, not at all. I’m actually quite evolved. In fact, I’ve learned to speak!

A talking bookshelf!? Well yes, what was I supposed to do? Ever since the invention of the smartphone, people have been ignoring me. So much so that I accumulated a thick layer of dust. That’s when I took matters into my own hands and learned to speak. I had to! Really it was the only way to distract you all from your phones. Why spend time with your bookshelf? Think of me as the “daytime equivalent” of a campfire. It’s where you go to reconnect with what’s important in your life. Most of all your Rereadables – i.e. those book you go back to time and time again.

So welcome and pull up a seat: We have a lot of rereading to do!

Folk Star Bobby Angel
Balladeer of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

More than just a singer/songwriter, Bobby Angel is the self-proclaimed leader of the Nature Folk movement (NFM). His mission? To restore nature and music back to their roots. And what not a better place to do it than around the campfire at night with a guitar. Bobby Angel writes and performs songs that strike at the heart of what it means to pursue a more harmonic state with that blue marble we all live on, Planet Earth. The truth about Bobby Angel: He never set out to be a songwriter, let alone a singer. It just happened. How? By day Bobby Angel is just another person in the crowd, struggling to make ends meet. But at night, around the campfire, the silhouette of the natural resource defender takes shape. Truth be told, Bobby Angel also sings a love song or two (or three). But mostly with Bobby Angel, his songs are about the trees and the earth and what we can do to make it a better place. Bobby Angel didn’t invent the folk song, but he did help rescue it from obscurity in the name of protecting the trees.