Major Water Speech

When is it a good time …

To talk about water?

Burt’s water speech

Answer: Probably at any point during a campaign, or after it for that matter, too. To quote a close friend, water will always be on humanity’s Top 3 priority list. Family, peace, water. Maybe not in that order. In this epic speech, in true Burt fashion the candidate lays bare his passion for the substance at the same time he isn’t going to reveal his hand as to what may or may not be in his cup when he’s playing high stakes poker in the smokey boiler room at night. Why? If Burt understands anything in life, it’s how to play a hand, be it weak or strong. In his view, him revealing whether he’s drinking water or something else is akin to the most dreaded of card table (and/or negotiation) faux paus — a tell.

So you’ll just have to trust Burt when in comes to the water, or whatever’s he drinking.

The Great Debate
Has Burt Silver finally met his match?

Just when it appeared

Burt had the election in the bag …

A show down of ideologies

Merle Turkle bursts onto the scene. What’s Merle’s strength? For one, he knows his enemy, and he knows where to hit him where in counts. In the case of Candidate Burt Silver, that’s in the smoky boiler room where he gets most of his work done. Keep in mind: Not only does Burt do all his major negotiations around the card table, it’s also the primary source of funds that pays for his campaign. As good a politician as Burt is, Merle knows his only hope to defeat him is to trick him out of the smoky boiler room and early morning diners. But will Merle prevail, or does Burt have a trick or two up his sleeve? Moral of the story: For Merle the best defense is a good offense and for Burt it’s doing whatever it takes to make it back to the late night smoky boiler room night after night.

Highly political campfire
Award-winning journalist Rupert Robbins grills Candidate Burt Silver in an interview for the ages

Is it ever good idea …

To discuss politics at a campfire?

Entire campfire talk in its entirety

Well, every once in a great while there’s a politician that everyone sort of loves. Why? For one, Candidate Burt Silver has a silver tongue, and also a pretty good idea of who he is and what he stands for. There’s no mincing of the words when it comes to describing his favorite color, why he loves the late night smoky boil room, or talking about late-night feedbags after a long night of cardplaying. Find out more about Candidate Burt Silver in the videos below.

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