Nature Folk Movement

Our campfire is brought to you by the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) to fix nature (and our connection to it) one campfire at a time. See our supporters and adversaries.

Complete Whiff
A new spin on an old phrase

Did you know …

That the internet cannot smell.

The nose knows

That’s right: the internet and smart phone conquered everything in its sights — toppling towering institutions great and small and causing previous untouchable traditions to go extinct (e.g. “paper” newspaper reading, the yellow pages, books, handwritten letters, and too many hobbies to count), to the point it has us all scratching our heads on how we managed without the internet and smart phone at all — with the exception of one giant category that to this day the Tech Titans cannot touch: The sense of smell!

And thank God. Smell is doing as good as ever and maybe better than ever before thanks to its inability to be digitally recreated or imitated or faked. Until now: Find out from Nose (above) about his plan to capture his fair share of the internet pie.

“Nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet” – Peter Steiner from The New Yorker, 1993

Side note: Do you remember the old Peter Steiner’s cartoon in the New Yorker, which if you can believe it dates back to 1993. Well, the corollary is this: If dogs actually invented the internet, it would be smell (not sight) based. Just a theory.

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Fact: Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans.

Greetings from Nature Folk HQ
Boogie and the Nature Folksters battle it out

Howdy folks,

And welcome to Nature Folk HQ.

What exactly is Nature Folk HQ? Well, for one, it’s the place I’m standing, by the campfire, roasting a marshmallow. But more than a place it’s a state of mind where we try not to talk about it (that much), we just do it.

In fact, we believe our action-based approach is the secret to our success. And it’s not just us. Here at Nature Folk HQ we know it takes a community to bring the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) to life.

Our Supporters

Short list of some of our Nature Folksters (i.e. folk stars) and activities we support:

(1) Attend a Campfire Talk (at CampfirePark.Org)

Sick of the rat race? How about kicking back around the campfire to hear a campfire talk. The campfire is the place we gather to reconnect with nature and talk about what is essential in life. We think you’ll enjoy this modern-day reboot of the ancient tradition.

(2) Ride the Water Cycle (at GoHydrology.Org)

There’s no better way to get back in touch with nature than by tuning in with the water cycle. Whether it’s a recent shift in the skies or a new water flow pattern in the deep swamp, Go Hydrology is your passport into the innerworkings of the water cycle.

(3) Hear a Campfire Shanty (at BobbyAngel.Org)

Are you bored of “reading” about conservation topics? Well how about listening to a campfire shanty that explores the topic at a whole new level. Bobby Angel is a balladeer whose growing archive of songs and albums helped inspire the Nature Folk Movement (NFM).

(4) Rediscover your Bookshelf (at ReReadable.Org)

Over a decade after the invention of the smartphone, the bookshelf has been cast away on the dust heap like so much else. No longer. Rereadble resuscitates the old (and new) books on our bookshelf back to life, and ponders out loud what being rereadable is all about.

(5) Journey Back to Before Phones (BP) (at BeforePhones.Org)

Granted, it was a bizarre time, but believe it or not people once survived (even thrived) in the pre-phone era, also known as the Great Phonelessness. Join the researchers at Before Phones as they uncover the latest archeological finds about this cryptic historical period.

(6) Get into Good Penmanshape (at Penmanshape.Org)

Sick of “thumbing” everything you write? And let’s face it, using a keyboard may be writing, true – but it’s also keeping you in front of a screen. There’s no better workout for the hands and the mind than sitting down with a blank piece of paper and a killivine (that’s just a fancy word for a pen!)

Our Adversaries

Short list of groups we do not support

Folks, I cannot impress upon you enough —

Steer clear of the Boogie Phone.

Boogie is bad news! #BewareOfBoogie

Well, thanks once again folks, for tuning in. And until next time, go out there and do something to help spread the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) to a family member or friend.

Yours Truly,


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Tidbit: The Nature Folk Movement (NFM) started around a campfire in 2014.


Dear Shareholders
And steering committee

Every year Berkshire and Hathaway …

Gather to talk about their oodles of money.

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That’s great, and I don’t mean to condemn.  But where are those same stakeholders and steering committees convening when it comes to preservation of our natural resources?  A recent article in the New York Times on Warren Buffet’s annual meeting inspired me to put together a like-minded soliloquy on the state of affairs all things Nature Folk Inc.  For anyone listening, especially if you’re heavily invested in Berkshire Hathaway, Nature Folk Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization and we welcome any charitable (and tax deductible) contributions you can throw our way.  

P.S. Here’s a quick link to Campfire’s Park Paypal Donate Tip Hat. All proceeds help support our campfires.

Complete Whiff
A complete guide to your nose

Did you know …

That the internet cannot smell.

Introducing Nose from Complete Whiff

That’s right: the internet conquered everything, except the sense of smell. And thank God. Just think about the long list of things that the internet knocked off: Newspapers, hard back books, handwritten letters, a list of hobbies that is too long to count, the rotary phone (okay, maybe that was already dead), and many more that I am too tired to think of right now. The good news: Smell is doing as good as ever and maybe better than ever before thanks to its inability to be digitally recreated or imitated or faked. Until now: Find out from Nose (above) about his plan to capture his fair share of the internet pie.