Bigfoot Conspiracy
And why Buck's freaked out

Listen Folks, it’s pretty simple …

Bigfoot exists.

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How do I know? A lot of it is just going with my gut. But there’s also the 10/90 Rule. What is the 10/90 Rule? Not to get into too much shop talk, basically the rule works like this. Let’s just say that only ten percent of Bigfoot sightings are correct (and we know the percentage is a lot higher than that), then Bigfoot exists. And if Bigfoot exists, where is the evidence? That’s where the cover up comes in. But that’s getting pretty advanced. If you’re just starting out, I recommend my “Field Guide to Bigfoot” book.

And remember folks: Fear the dangerous fringe middle, sometimes called the silent majority. And yes, I am afraid of bunnies too. (They are so sneaky!)