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Swindler’s tale
Coming clean at the campfire

You don’t get through life …

With a couple regrets.

A swindler repents

And then there’s the ones you can’t get past, that you just dwell, and no matter what you do you can’t shake. In retrospect, it was all so clear. But at the time, going back, you would have walked into the trap every time. So what’s the solution. Sometimes the only solace is to talk it out in front of the campfire, if only to yourself, or whoever’s there to listen.

This swindler knew better until he knew he threw it all away. Or is there a new path forward. Thank God for the Cowboy at the Campfire lighting the way, even if that only means listening. Sometimes listening will do.

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Quote: “Every swindle is driven by a desire for easy money; it’s the one thing the swindler and the swindled have in common.” — Mitchell Zuckoff

Restorative Campfire
A prodigal son returns with a plan

Campfires don’t solve everything …

Or do they?

Campfires can be the start of something great.

Well, they are no guarantee. But ideas have to start somewhere. And don’t you think there’s a little magic around the campfire at night when the stars are twinkling and the embers are pulsing just right. Add in a dash of imagination and who’s to say that good things are not, if not guaranteed, right there on the cusp of becoming reality. The hard part is waking up and bringing the dream to life. It’s nothing that happens in a night or a day, but if we plug away, good things may unfold.