Cowboy at the Campfire

Cowboy at the Campfire
Where the campfire's always cracklin' and visitors are always welcome

Welcome to Campfire Park where the campfire’s always cracklin’ and visitors are always welcome. And most of all, where the Cowboy at the Campfire is waiting patiently, and always with a story to tell. Who exactly is the Cowboy at the Campfire? Let’s just say that he has a way about himself. He’s never too rushed, and inquisitive, but never nosey. And yes, he always has a story to tell.

Charlie’s campfire
Inside Book 1: The Legend of Campfire Charlie

Campfire Charlie is more than just a legend …

He’s also featured in a book.

Campfire talk in its entirety

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How To: Make a s’mores
Believe it or not, pepperoni is popular in some regions

You don’t need a recipe book

To make a s’mores, or do you?

There’s more to a good s’more than meets the eye

The Cowboy a the Campfire does his best to explain. Common mistakes: burning marshmallows is always a scourge. Then on the other hand sitting too far away doesn’t work either. The trick? Finding just the right distance. And the ingredients matter, too. For example, pepperoni usually isn’t a good match, although regionally it is a delicacy in some parts. S’mores really are less about the taste and more about the memory … and the hope you don’t burn the top of your mouth.