Bobby Angel

Tear Down
And why the dream lives on

What happens when your life’s work …

Is all but set to be torn down?

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There’s no question about it: It’s a heart breaker, both to think about and even worse to see first hand. Probably the anticipation is the worst part. To see all the glamorous mega-houses moving in on all sides all the while knowing its a glimpse into the future of the fate that awaits your house. Then there is the stark reality: the place you worked so hard to maintain over the decades is nothing but a shoebox compared to the new houses moving in.

And so all is lost. Or maybe not. At the end of the day (and one’s life), it’s the memories that mean the most. Or in other words, don’t fret about materialistic things. There’s a saying that you can’t take it with you. The comfort is the memories you left behind in other people’s hearts.

Bobby Angel channels Merle Haggard in this song.

Folk Star Bobby Angel
Balladeer of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

More than just a singer/songwriter, Bobby Angel is the self-proclaimed leader of the Nature Folk movement (NFM). His mission? To restore nature and music back to their roots. And what not a better place to do it than around the campfire at night with a guitar. Bobby Angel writes and performs songs that strike at the heart of what it means to pursue a more harmonic state with that blue marble we all live on, Planet Earth. The truth about Bobby Angel: He never set out to be a songwriter, let alone a singer. It just happened. How? By day Bobby Angel is just another person in the crowd, struggling to make ends meet. But at night, around the campfire, the silhouette of the natural resource defender takes shape. Truth be told, Bobby Angel also sings a love song or two (or three). But mostly with Bobby Angel, his songs are about the trees and the earth and what we can do to make it a better place. Bobby Angel didn’t invent the folk song, but he did help rescue it from obscurity in the name of protecting the trees.