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Campfire Park is not a campfire unto itself. It’s part of the Nature Folk network of like-minded folks. As such, we decided it might be fun (and informative) to pool our resources into a single newsletter call the Nature Folk Flyer.

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More about the flyer

About the flyer

The Nature Folk Flyer is a newsletter about fixing nature (and our connection to it) one song, one campfire talk, one hydrograph at a time.

If that sounds far fetched, don’t take just my word for it – listen to what Guitar (note: his friends call him “Strings”) has to say about it.

Other testimonials

And Guitar isn’t alone. Singer/songwriter Bobby Angel, Water Drop, the Cowboy at Campfire Park, Dino the Dinosaur from the geologic epoch known as Before Phones (BP), Mr. Bookshelf – and many others – are all saying the same.

The reason?

Nature needs our help and we need nature like never before.

Join the movement

That’s where the Nature Folk Flyer comes in.

More than just any old newsletter, the Nature Folk Flyer is a gateway and getaway into a world of reconnecting with the traditional values and activities that were taken away – or devalued – by the “internet of things,” and most conspicuously – phones.

Reading the Nature Folk Flyer will give you a front row seat to:

  • Attend a virtual campfire talk
  • Ride the water cycle
  • Soak in a campfire shanty
  • Rediscover your bookshelf
  • Get back into good penmanshape,
  • Journeying back to the geologic era Before Phones (BP) … and more!

Why Subscribe?

(1) We think you’ll enjoy it.

(2) The Nature Folk Movement (NFM) needs your help! By subscribing, you’ll be supporting and joining a growing community and conversation about bringing the Nature Folk spirit back to life.

(3) Subscribing is a seamless and hassle-free. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. It’s as easy as that.

In closing, always know there’ll will always be a campfire waiting when you return.

So thanks for stopping by!