Rules of Life
With AM Radio Host Buck Buckner

Looking for ways to improve your life?

Buck Buckner’s new book may be the next “big thing.”

Buck Buckner goes on tour “outside the bunker”

The reason? For one, Buck is just brutally honest. He calls it like he sees it and doesn’t look back. If you’re looking for apologies or over-explanations, Buck probably isn’t your guy. But if you’re interested in seeing the world through a guy who joyfully lives in a bunker, Buck’s approach may resonate.

More about Buck’s new book: 9 Rules of Blank. Building off the Pocket Guide to Bigfoot and The 10/90 Rule, the 9 Rules of Blank blazes new ground in the self-improvement field. In Buck’s own words, his list is deeply philosophical … or probably “phenomenal” is a better word. Eschewing traditional lists that generically start with the number 1, Buck hits the ground running with a vivid description of his trademark zeroth rule: The Belgian waffle.

And be prepared: Unlike his solitary soliloquies Inside “The Bunker,” the uncanny success of his new book the 9 Rules of Blank have taken him on a whirl-wind speaking tour in front of sold-out crowds.

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