Proper campfire chair
Why chairs may be the greatest invention yet

An essential to the campfire experience …

Is having a proper chair.

Seating comfort is vital

But what should it look like.

Well, that’s just the thing. Looks are the least of your worries. The most important characteristic is how it feels. In that regard, it just has to be comfortable. But not too comfortable. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep. Then again, sometimes that’s exactly why you go for a particular chair. Chairs with more cushions are generally better for sleeping and kitchen chairs made of wood are better for staying awake. That’s a general rule of life, but also one that isn’t full proof. Just the other day I fell asleep at the kitchen table for example. Other times I’ve stayed awake in a very soft chair. In general, one attribute of a good campfire chair is being able to carry it to the campfire. That goes a long way to explaining why sofas and other heavy comforter chairs are not frequently seen around the campfire ring.

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