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Critic darling of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

By Campfire Park

Adored by his fans ...

As the king of the "nature folk" genre:

Intro to Singer/Songwriter

His debut album: New Pangaea

The truth is, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel is just trying to get by. Rumor is he may go electric, and/or give up the guitar completely and study water full time. But his fans keep pulling him back in to the nature folk fold, around the campfire, and who is Bobby Angel not to oblige.

Bobby Angel writes and performs songs that strike at the heart of what it means to pursue a more harmonic state with that blue marble we all live on, Planet Earth. The truth about Bobby Angel: He never set out to be a songwriter, let alone a singer. Find out more about Bobby Angel at his website.

Bobby's recent musings

Believe it or not …

I sang my first song in 1999.

Playing to a packed audience at The Pavilion

It would take another 15 years to record my first song. The reason? For one, smart phones didn’t become ubiquitous until sometime around 2010. Another reason might be that my songs were never planned events. Sometimes it would be a day before a farewell party and I didn’t have a song. Or I had a song that was half cooked and still being very unsure if I would be ready for show time. But I learned my lesson quickly: People preferred any song to no song at all. And I was pretty much a persona non-grata if I showed up empty handed without a song to play. The question still needs to be asked: How many songs did I sing in the great “blacked out” period between 1999 and 2014. If I had to guess — and just counting farewell songs — I would say a good two dozen, maybe more.

Many of them I wrote down. Just as many I forgot the chords. But maybe that’s the most incredible thing. One song called The Ballad of the Florida Panther I only sang once, and really even then when I sang it I was just trying to follow the chicken scratch page of lyrics I’d scribbled together in the day before Krista left. The year was 2005. How I managed to reconstruct the song (and the chords) fifteen years later is anybody’s guess other than I’m 100 percent positive I remembered the correct chords. I’m not saying I’m a great artist, but twenty years after singing my first song and barely being able to play more than a few chords I have a pretty good webpage. Next steps: Live performance. Ready or not world, Bobby Angel is ready, willing and able to tour. But not until I get done my third album, yet to be named.

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