Campfire renewal?
Sometimes the wheel needs reinventing

Sometimes old traditions …

Need a new log on the fire. Here’s why:

Campfire talk in its entirety

Cavemen and women perfected the campfire. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some freshening up for modern times. That’s where Campfire Park comes in. We didn’t invent the campfire, we’re just trying to make it better for modern-day purposes. That means instead of you going out, us bringing it to your door.

(So kick back and relax and listen to what this new-style campfire is all about)

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Summary: There is no one way to do a campfire talk, to be sure, it doesn’t even require a campfire, just the campfire mood. A campfire talk is where we get to the essence of things. That can be serious or just having a good time. Most of all it’s about the crackle, the glow and the warmth of getting back to the inner campfire we all yearn.

And as always, much obliged for stopping by the campfire.

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