Nature folk campfire
Getting the (Nature Folk) band back together

You can’t have a movement …

Without a headquarters to nurture the cause.

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And that’s exactly what Nature Folk HQ is all about.

Join Guitar as he introduces himself and the rest of the gang.

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Summary: What is Nature Folk? It’s as new as it is always been there. And the thing about Nature Folk – it isn’t going anywhere fast at the same time it’s catching on at a quickening pace. In short, it’s us (me and you) reclaiming the simple traditions that the After Phone (AP) period surreptitiously eroded away. No longer. It’s our hope that these campfires can be used as a venue for reigniting the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) and helping it spread.

So thanks for joining the campfire!

This campfire talk is brought to you by Guitar at Nature Folk HQ

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