The Log Pile

Well Howdy Folks …

And welcome to The Log Pile.

You’re probably familiar with the expression: “Throw another log on the fire.”

Well, The Log Pile is where we keep all those logs.

And you know what happens when you through another log on the fire?

That’s right, another story comes to life.

So thanks for reminding me:

Embers are running low and the night it still young.

Another log on the fire is exactly what we need.

Buck’s New Book

December 22, 2020

Join AM radio host Buck Buckner as he goes “Outside The Bunker” to promote his new book – The 9 Rules of Blank. Why only 9 rules (not 10) and what exactly does he mean by “blank?” Buck explains as only Buck can explain with his in-depth insights on the silent majority, why he may (or may not) fear bunnies, and the art of making waffles. Find out why audiences everywhere and academics alike are captivated by the message in Buck’s new book.

Unexpected Campfire Guests

December 14, 2020

You can always count on the Cowboy at Campfire Park to have a campfire going. As for who will show up, now that’s anybody’s guess, at the same time they have a story to tell is guaranteed. In this campfire talk, a few of Bobby Angel’s most recent songs are featured as “campfire breaks.”

Lost Paper Maps

December 10, 2020

In this edition of Rereadable (, we discuss the great disappearance of the paper maps, including such topics as the invasion of the GPS and Google Earth, how these products devalued paper maps, and why – despite all – paper maps matter now more than ever before. You heard it here first, paper maps are poised to make a major comeback in 2021.

Campfire Basics

December 5, 2020

Good campfire talks just don’t happen, you need a few basic ingredients to get them off to a good start. Join the Cowboy at the Campfire as he describes range of topics, including making s’mores, his new noveau-retro take on campfire talks, the “campfire break” concept, and more. When it comes to talking campfires, our host is never at a loss for words – not that he doesn’t also think its perfectly appropriate to sit at a campfire and say nothing at all. That’s where the cracklin’ of the embers and the pulsing of the light comes in.

Burt Silver: Contested Election

December 3, 2020

In this edition of “Six Minutes,” award-winning journalist Rupert Robbins interviews Candidate Burt Silver in the Bell Tower, including a wide ranging discussion on the contested election, the inner dynamics of the smoky boiler room and why vitamins are vital to maintaining good campaign momentum.

Inside the Campfire

December 1, 2020

When it happened was a slippery slope, but somewhere along the line over the past decade or so we unwittingly agreed to the Faustian Bargain of accepting and letter smart phone culture overtake our lives. The Cowboy a the campfire isn’t here to say that’s all bad, but it would also be incorrect to ignore the many traditions – big and small – that we unceremoniously left behind. Front and central on that list is the campfire. And specifically the “campfire talk.” This play list reveals the Cowboy a the Campfire’s playbook for bringing some of those good old fashioned traditions back to life.

In The Bunker: Buck Interviews a Cryptologist

November 22, 2020

In this edition of “In The Bunker,” AM radio host Buck Bucker interviews famed cryptologist Stan Van Gundy on a wide range of topics, including the Bigfoot Coverup, first Bigfoot sightings, the academic side of Bigfoot research and more

Lost Art of Letter Writing

November 21, 2020

Email promised to revolutionize and usher in a golden age of letter writing. Thirty years later, it’s overwhelming effect seems to have unwittingly killed the handwritten note. Was there ever a better feeling than opening the mailbox and seeing a “non-billed” (i.e. a handwritten not from a friend) inside? And how many times did such a letter inspire you to sit down with paper and pen and put your thoughts to a sheet or two and send them off. In hindsight, it couldn’t be more clear: email didn’t usher in a golden age of letter writing, it ended the epistolary epoch dead in its tracks.

What is a campfire talk?

October 3, 2020

Are you new to the campfire talk concept? Not to worry, the Cowboy at the Campfire is on site in Campfire Park to explain. There is no one way to do a campfire talk, to be sure, it doesn’t even require a campfire, just the campfire mood. A campfire talk is where we get to the essence of things. That can be serious or just having a good time. Most of all it’s about the crackle, the glow and the warmth of getting back to the inner campfire we all yearn.

Water Cycle Reversal

November 15, 2020

It’s not often water rises this high in the swamp, ever – let alone in mid November when water is traditionally inching its way down. The result was a number of unexpected sights, and water flowing all over the place – even over roads. By the end of the day, I wanted to package it up into a leisurely campfire talk for everyone to enjoy.

Bigfoot campfire talk conspiracy

September 15, 2020

In this edition of “In The Bunker,” AM Talk Radio host Buck Buck answers questions about Bigfoot and — more specifically — the silent majority’s conspiracy to cover it up.

Hiking to a campfire talk

September 9, 2020

At the bottom of a deep canyon, one hiker thinks they’re done for the day, but the other has another idea: To attend a campfire talk at the top of the rim. But can they make it in time?

The campfire talk campaign

September 4, 2020

Candidate Burt Silver presents his case in plain English to the voters. A vote for Burt Silver is a bet on a great gambler who’s ready to apply the same lessons he’s learned at the card table to serving his constituency. “It’s a New Dawn with Burt Silver – Because he stayed up all night to see it.”

Folk staring a campfire talk

August 25, 2020

Welcome to the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) and greetings from its self-proclaimed prophet, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel. You won’t see him on tour because he’s too busy singing around the campfire, and it’s happening every night.

Family adventure to a campfire talk

August 17, 2020

One of the advantages of living next to Campfire Park is that, on a whim, you can hop in the car and drive out into its ample wild stretches and scenic horizons to explore. Or if the sun is about to set, you may even be able to catch a campfire talk. Join a family as they embark on an evening adventure to attend a campfire talk in nearby Campfire Park. That is, if they make it on time. As good luck would have it, they listen to some nice local radio programming along the way.

Radio hosting a campfire talk

August 1, 2020

Radio talk show host Buck Buckner tells listeners to “fear the middle” or rather — “The Fringe Middle” — as he calls the silent majority, in his popular syndicated radio program “In the Bunker.”

Prodigal return to the campfire talk

July 31, 2020

Spur of the moment a family decides to attend an evening fireside chat at Campfire Park. To pass the time along the way, they listen to the local radio programming, as follows:

Highly political campfire talk

July 15, 2020

Burt Silver sits down for an exclusive interview on Six Minutes with host Rupert Robbins to discuss why green is not his favorite color, although that doesn’t mean he still isn’t a big fan of trees. It’s a new dawn with Burt Silver, because he stayed up all night to see it. Vote Burt Silver!

Interview before a campfire talk

July 4, 2020

Singer/songwriter of the New “Campfire Shanty” Movement Bobby Angel sits down on a wide-ranging interview with Serena Sonnenuntergang on the origin stories of Campfire Park, New Pangaea, the Centennial Campfire Trilogy — and how they all interrelate. But will they make it to the campfire talk?