Legend of Campfire Charlie
Ranger Rusty holds down the fort at Sweetwater VC

Welcome to Book 1 …

Of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

Cowboy at the campfire reviews the book

Overview of Book

Do you have a fear of being squeezed to death by a giant Burmese Python? Or does being followed around all day by a Florida Panther rattle your nerves? If so, join Rusty, a well meaning but – how shall we say – “often distracted” park ranger who is scheduled to give an evening talk in a swamp preserve on a topic he doesn’t much like. Not to worry (or maybe worry a lot) as the unwitting ranger meets a mysterious stranger who catapults him on a breathtaking journey to confront and maybe finally answer the deepest and most confounding question of his life. That is assuming he can ever get done (or to) his campfire talk …

Front and Back Covers

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Note: Watch the original movie trailer to the trilogy to find out more, and also check out Last Stand at Boulder Ridge (Book 2) and Final Campfire (Book 3). The Centennial Campfire Trilogy is co-authored by Robert V Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich.

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