Last Stand at Boulder Ridge
Ranger Rusty's backstory revealed

Welcome to Book 2 …

Of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

Cowboy at the campfire reviews the book

Book Summary

Welcome to Book 2 of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy. The saga continues! This time Ranger Rusty and his cohorts are off on a new adventure that leads them back and forth seamlessly in time and space to faraway places that include a Seminole War fort, the sands of the Middle East, the mountains of the Great Southwest, an archaeological expedition on the Mighty Joola River and airboat rides across the Everglades. Or is it all unfolding around the campfire glow in a remote nature reserve? We’ll let you be the judge.

Front and Back Covers

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Note: Watch the original movie trailer to the trilogy to find out more, and also check out The Legend of Campfire Charlie (Book 1) and Final Campfire (Book 3). The Centennial Campfire Trilogy is co-authored by Robert V Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich.

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