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Join Bob at the campfire with a guest dinosaurs from the Before Phone (BP) era. Their aim: To add insights to the BP Era, a Time of Great Phonelessness. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter, otherwise enjoy!

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What Weekend?
Not that I'm complaining

Nobody sets out for their weekend to turn into an algorithm, nor do you expect to show up on Monday to discover that your flagship website isn’t working quite like it should.

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The positive news is that I went for two runs and three walks and had two eureka moments along the way. I’m not saying I have things completely figured out. But by the end of Monday, I turned the lemons of having to revert to a “backup(p)ed” version (I can’t seem to spell that word) of my website only to serve as inspiration to reformat the entire front page. After about two hours I finally got it to looking semi-right. In retrospect, I’m not convinced the breakdown wasn’t a blessing in disguise. It forced me to admit that the old formatting wasn’t quite working.

But my larger point: Really, the whole point about the Nature Folk Flyer is to connect myself and my audience to nature. Why is it then that I seem to be spending equal shares of my time working through the minutia and archania of the computer matrix? It didn’t help that the internet was down when I arrived home at the end of the day. Keep in mind by this time I had discovered that my website was seizing up, and entire pages weren’t appearing when clicked. After a quick inspect of a couple work-arounds, and a hesitancy to try to contact technical support which is always by chat, and not very good: I simply took the bull by the horns and reverted to a backup copy of my site. And as I said, that served as inspiration to reformat and reconsider my old structural design.

The result? I’d really like to delve deeply into the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), and maybe someday I’ll get this complex architecture of websites figured out. Until then, I’m just glad I’m enjoying the process. What more really can you ask for in life?

Dinosaur interviews himself
What a wonderful guest!

What’s the secret …

To a good interview?

Firelight Radio is available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean

Some would say ample research on the topic you’re trying to discuss.  Others would say having a good set of questions.  Still others would say inviting in a good guest.  But for me, the secret to a good interview starts with the host.  It isn’t so much the questions or the answers as it is the good conversation to be had.  And really, for that to occur: Is there really a need for anyone else?  Answer: I would say yes.  The caveat is you better be comfortable having a dialog with yourself first.  And that’s why in many ways this is a breakthrough interview. 

Among the topics we cover:  My new idea for a great app, new details on the Time of Great Phonelessness (i.e. Before Phones), how phones stole our memories, the difference between prescient and clairvoyant, why a ranger kept returning to the swamp and what made him stop, the difference between a tree and a large blade of grass, why cigarettes are healthier than cell phones, how banjos went viral, and more.

Triceratops Talk
Bob and Dom talk Before Phone (BP) era

Welcome to Before Phones (BP),

“Where the Dinosaurs Roam.”

It was a Time of Great Phonelessness

In this episode, Bob the T-Rex interviews Dom the Triceratops.  Backstory:  I allow each guest to pick a dinosaur at the beginning of the interview, and I was almost positive Dom would pick Barney.  Then again, in retrospect the Triceratops makes sense since it’s the dinosaur version of a rhino which is his favorite animal, or one of them.  This wide ranging interview includes new insights into the Before Phone (BP) era and other tidbids.

A Stegosaurus Speaks
Exploring the Before Phone (BP) Era

Welcome to Before Phones (BP) …

Where the Dinosaurs Roam.

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In this episode, Bob (the T-Rex) sits down around the campfire for a trenchant interview with Rudi, who more closely identifies (and resembles) a stegosaurus.  Side note: Did you know that the T-Rex is closer in time to humans than the Stegosaurus epoch.  Yes, the Era of the Dinosaurs was that long, and practically forgotten.  That’s where the Before Phones (BP) interviews step in and try to describe what the Geologic Age of Great Phonelessness was all about.  

Interview with Steve
And yes, he's a brontosaurus

At first glance,

He may look like a modern human.

Interview with a dinosaur

But a deeper look through a trenchant interview reveals that he is anything but. Yes, it’s true — he is full of dinosaur DNA. What exactly does it take to be a dinosaur from the Before Phone (BP) epoch? Basically, it’s a working knowledge (if also possibly dimming) of what life was like before cell phone. Thank you to Steve the Brontosaurus for sitting down for a full length interview!

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