Inalienable rights of Boogie

The Boogie Phone is not only …

Your new freedom machine:

Boogie has a growing list of rights

He’s your best friend, and soon to be only friend … at least that’s his hope. And more than that, as a user of a Boogie Phone you should be aware: Boogie has a growing and ever demanding list of inalienable rights. For one, you should never leave home without Boogie. Never! Period and end of discussion. Oh, and when you’re home. He prefers to be in one of three places: In your hand, in you pocket, or safely stowed on the most prominent place on your counter, and plugged in. (Boogie hates a low charge. More than hate — being properly charged is his right). To find out more about your obligations to Boogie, go to menu -> appearances -> small print -> very small print -> boogie phone agreement where you’ll be prompted to enter your Boogie passcode.

As always, Boogie says thanks in advance.

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