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My name is Buck Buckner and welcome to my award-winning AM radio show In The Bunker with Buck Buckner. Just to cut to the chase — I’m completely freaked out. The fringe middle, Bigfoot Conspiracy Coverup, not enough waffle batter … the list goes on. | Nature Folk Movement | Our hosts | Our venues | Our topics

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In the Bunker with Buck Buckner

Who is Buck Buckner ...

And how did he get a cult following?

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Buck's AM Radio Show on Bigfoot

Probably the secret to Buck's success is that if he knows anything, he knows that he knows it all. Perfectly at ease on the extremes of any issue, Buck is totally freaked out by what he calls the "fringe middle. Among his pet peeves. Author of The Pocket Guide to Bigfoot , The 10/90 Rule and The Nine Rules of Blank, Buck has established himself as an authority figure on a wide range of topics that all his AM listeners enjoy.

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Buck and Paste
And how it compares to other great inventions

In the great debate …

Of humanities greatest invention:

Buck gives a short tutorial on “Cut and Pasting”

It probably varies according to who you ask. Going back to the beginning, many would say the wheel, or any of the other six simple tools (wedge, screw, lever, pulley, inclined plane and the wheel and axle). From a more contemporary viewpoint, others might say the microwave oven, the automobile, the computer, the mobile phone, and probably not the toaster, although I would give it a vote (I toast all my bread). The camera, moving pictures, the airplane and the printing press probably also rank high. And for that matter, whoever invented writing in general, has to get a vote. Speaking of writing, AM Radio host Buck Buckner from In The Bunker is solidly of the mindset that the fine art of “cut and paste” ranks high on the list of the greatest inventions of the modern age.

To be sure, it’s as good a campfire question as there is: What tops your list as the greatest invention of all time?

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My Top 5: (5) ball point pen, (4) the clock, (3) duct tape, (2) car radio, (1) the toaster.

Buck Talks Water

When it comes to any topic …

Buck knows a lot.

Buck goes on a water rant

Basically, AM Radio Host Buck Buckner is an expert in too many topics to count, at least in his own mind. Case in point is the subject of water. It doesn’t take Buck long to connect the dots on the vital link between Bigfoot and keeping the water clean. The reason? Bigfoot enjoys drinking his water straight from the stream. Thus, if you want to have any slim hope of catching a glimpse of Bigfoot, perhaps our only hope is keeping our waterways clean, as that’s the only place he drinks. Bucks greatest dream: To have a sit down interview with Bigfoot where at the table he’d serve him up with fresh glass of water scooped straight from the stream. Here’s the dreaming!

Outside the Bunker
And why we hit the road

What’s the best way …

To reach your audience?

Buck hits the road

For AM Radio Host “In The Bunker” with Buck Buckner, the usually means hunkering down in the place he knows best, and where he can broadcast has thoughts far and wide — in the safety and sanctity of his bunker. As for who’s actually listening, even if it’s only one person (and that one person is Buck), it’s worth the cause. Or do you sometimes have to venture outside the comfort zone to reach new crowds? Buck finds himself oddly reenergized as he hits the road.

Buck Buckner is an AM Radio host at Campfire Park.

AM Radio Campfire
Cowboy tunes into Buck

What do you do …

Alone at a campfire?

Cowboy listens to Buck on his AM radio

Well, really there’s no telling. Sometimes you just stare at the crackle and think to yourself, or about nothing at all. Other times you might whittle some wood, or as was the case on this evening, tune into an AM radio show. Why AM and not FM? Let’s just say for Cowboy the extra crackle (i.e. static) of the AM side of the dial helps him feel a little more at home. In the case of AM Radio Host Buck Buckner, home is his bunker located in an undisclosed location in Campfire Park. In this 15-minute campfire, Cowboy provides commentary during the commercial breaks of Buck Buckner’s show.

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