Campfire Hosts

And it’s not just Cowboy, there's a whole team of hosts at Campfire Park. Their mission: To bring the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) to life to the best of their ability, or more than likely just to get whatever's on their mind at the time off their chest.

Our hosts

Cowboy at Campfire

Cowboy at the campfire at Campfire Park

Buck Buckner

AM Radio Host of In The Bunker with Buck Buckner

Water Drop

Water cycle aficionado from Go Hydrology

Cap’n Killivine

A pen who believes in the virtues of handwriting

Burt Silver

Politician who gets things done in the smokey boiler room


Host of the Firelight Radio Podcast and more

Bobby Angel

Singer/songwriter of the Nature Folk Movement

Uncle & Uncle

Advocate for petty situations and frivolous disputes

Mr. Bookshelf

Collector of all your favorite rereadables


Interviewer who explores the Before Phone era with other dinosaurs


Caterer to all your bad smart phone habits, and always happy to oblige

Bob and Rudi

Co-authors of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy and campfire talks

Campfire Topics

The thing about a campfire, there’s no telling where the conversation will turn or what topics will come up. But there are a few topics we return to time and time again.

Campfire Types

Here are Campfire Park, we try to rekindle the campfire magic in all its forms.