Hiking out of the canyon
Destination: Campfire Talk

Have you ever had …

An ambitious plan in mind?

This story features several “campfire breaks”

That’s the case with these two hikers. Their goal: To hike out of the canyon in time to make it to the top of the rim before dark, and most of all to make it in time for a ranger-led “campfire talk.” Will they make it? Answer: The only way to find out is to watch the short playlist of videos. And just so you’re aware, the story is broken up — not with commercial breaks — but with a series of “campfire breaks.”

More about campfire breaks: They were invented right here in Campfire Park. Their purpose? Commercial breaks sell a product, and often break the spell of the main program. Campfire breaks are meant to give you a break, and feather in some new ideas, but also give you a break from the main story line.

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