Free meal guarantee
Plus a tasty dessert

We all know the terrible feeling …

of ordering the wrong meal at a restaurant.

Call Your Uncle!

Fortunately, Uncle & Uncle is in your corner. Not only will they guarantee you a free meal (and tasty) meal. For dessert they’ll make sure you get to eat your cake and have it, too. Don’t let you stomach rumble: “Call Your Uncle!” 1-800-Uncle-Uncle (Conditions may apply)

Backstory on Uncle & Uncle: This character (or characters) is featured in the Centennial Campfire Trilogy of books, including (1) The Legend of Campfire Charlie, (2) Last Stand at Boulder Ridge and (3) Final Campfire by co-authors Robert V. Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich. A bit unexpectedly, Uncle & Uncle took on a life of its own in Campfire Park … in a good way. Uncle & Uncle is supposed to be funny, and a bit of de-stressor for all those stupid things in life that bring us down. But aren’t we always laughing about them afterwards? That in a nutshell is what Uncle & Uncle is all about.

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