Intro - Nature balladeer

Critic darling of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

By Campfire Park

Adored by his fans ...

As the king of the "nature folk" genre:

Intro to Singer/Songwriter

His debut album: New Pangaea

The truth is, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel is just trying to get by. Rumor is he may go electric, and/or give up the guitar completely and study water full time. But his fans keep pulling him back in to the nature folk fold, around the campfire, and who is Bobby Angel not to oblige.

Bobby Angel writes and performs songs that strike at the heart of what it means to pursue a more harmonic state with that blue marble we all live on, Planet Earth. The truth about Bobby Angel: He never set out to be a songwriter, let alone a singer. Find out more about Bobby Angel at his website.

Bobby's recent musings

It’s the type of forest …

Nobody cares about until it’s gone.

Ugliest Forest, the Song

And if we’ve seen it once we’ve all seen in a thousand times. It’s that patch of trees that looks pretty enough, although it may be infested with invasive trees, and littered with trash. And no it’s never that big patch of woods, just a remnant of a larger contiguous mass or woods that got gobbled up by housing developments of various types.

Ugliest Forest, the Interview

Why and how that patch of woods escaped development is anyone’s guess. Maybe it got held up in a real estate dispute, or maybe the owner was holding out for a higher price, or maybe the zoning laws were still being hashed out. Whatever the case, the patch of woods survived, and even thrived as judged by the birds and the bunnies and the mice (and maybe even a bobcat). And then just like that, in move the bulldozers

And the woods are gone.

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