Final Campfire
The stunning conclusion to the trilogy

Welcome to Book 3 …

Of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

Cowboy at the campfire reviews the book

Book Summary

Welcome to Book 3 and what critics are raving “the stunning conclusion” to the Centennial Campfire Trilogy. At the end of the first two books of the trilogy — The Legend of Campfire Charlie and Last Stand at Boulder Ridge — our fearless protagonist, Ranger Rusty, finds himself simultaneously trying to man the Sweetwater Visitor Center in the heart of the Big Cypress Swamp while also slipping back in time to distant childhood memories of an old backcountry camp and deeper still to a first-hand historical account of adventures at a Seminole War era fort and a haunted archeological dig for dinosaur bones as he tries to conjure the energy to hold court at a campfire talk in a remote campground at the end of a very (emphasis on very) long day. As exquisite an ending you’ll ever find in a “large canvas” epic work, Final Campfire is a full-body experience that no respectable book reader, plumber or campfire enthusiast (including the inner s’mores roaster in all of us) will want to miss.

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Note: Watch the original movie trailer to the trilogy to find out more, and also check out The Legend of Campfire Charlie (Book 1) and Last Stand at Boulder Ridge (Book 2). The Centennial Campfire Trilogy is co-authored by Robert V Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich.

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