Family campfire
A family travels by car to a campfire talk

Sick and tired …

Of the same old evening routine?

Campfire talk in its entirety

Sounds like it’s time to shake it up with a campfire talk. That means hoping in your car and driving down the road to the nearest park, right? Actually, here at Campfire Park, we bring the campfire to you. More about this talk: Not just one video, it’s actually multiple videos stitched together in a play list. The idea is to tell an overarching story but also pepper it in with little campfire shorts that here at Campfire Park we call “campfire breaks.”

Summary of this talk: One of the advantages of living next to Campfire Park is that, on a whim, you can hop in the car and drive out into its ample wild stretches and scenic horizons to explore. Or if the sun is about to set, you may even be able to catch a campfire talk. Join a family as they embark on an evening adventure to attend a campfire talk in nearby Campfire Park. That is, if they make it on time. As good luck would have it, they listen to some nice local radio programming along the way.

Thanks for joining the campfire!