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Fan Mail
Why I love fan mail

Nothing quite says love …

Like the message from an adoring fan.

Fan mail rocks, in a folksy way

The truth is: Any piece of mail that isn’t a bill, or junk mail, or some other promo offer is a good feeling. As much as I like receiving a letter in the mail, probably my first love is writing letters myself and sending them loose into the universe of whoever I’m sending them to. If I had a nickel for every letter I wrote, I’d have a lot of nickels, even dimes worth. My point: We all deserve fans and we all deserve mail. Letters to and from friends are a priceless form of art.

Riverside Angel?
Or is it a canal?


Have you ever set off for a place …

Only to later discover you never arrived?

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Such was the case with Bobby Angel at this campfire podcast. He thought he was setting up camp at the Barron River only to find out, or start to develop a hunch, that he was actually along the banks of the modern-day canal. Not that it stopped the singer/songwriter from having a quality campfire. His 2-song set includes (1) One More Melaleuca for the Road and (2) David Moody Blues, plus campfire deep dive into the history and many mysteries of the road, the river, the old railroad grade and the canal.

Campfire at Muscovy Lake
A half-hour campfire concert

Ever want to unplug …

and relax?

Welcome to the campfire

That’s where the campfire comes in. Join the campfire to listen to Bobby Angel’s story telling in this four-song set at scenic Muscovy Lake. Songs include: Ballad of a Florida Panther, Ugliest Forest, Preserved, and Higher Moral Ground. The thing about Bobby Angel: He probably talks about the songs more than he sings them. Some nights he gets so lost in his thoughts he forgets to sing the songs altogether. Songs or no songs, there’s just something special about the campfire. It’s where we go to kick back and relax and reconnect with what’s really important in life. So, if you have a half an hour, go grab a couple marshmallows and enjoy the show.

Find out more at Bobby Angel’s website.

Smash Hit
Homage to the one-hit wonder

Try as they might …

Some artists never break into the mainstream.

Stay on after the song to hear the exclusive interview

Even less make a number one hit, or even crack the Top 10. Then there is the curious case of the one hit wonders. These are the bands that score with one iconic song but otherwise you never hear from again. Unfortunately, as Bobby Angel laments in his song Smash Hit, he’s likely to labor in obscurity. Or is that a blessing in disguise? Enjoying the process is the most important thing.

Tear Down
And why the dream lives on

What happens when your life’s work …

Is all but set to be torn down?

Stay on to hear the interview after the song

There’s no question about it: It’s a heart breaker, both to think about and even worse to see first hand. Probably the anticipation is the worst part. To see all the glamorous mega-houses moving in on all sides all the while knowing its a glimpse into the future of the fate that awaits your house. Then there is the stark reality: the place you worked so hard to maintain over the decades is nothing but a shoebox compared to the new houses moving in.

And so all is lost. Or maybe not. At the end of the day (and one’s life), it’s the memories that mean the most. Or in other words, don’t fret about materialistic things. There’s a saying that you can’t take it with you. The comfort is the memories you left behind in other people’s hearts.

Bobby Angel channels Merle Haggard in this song.

Folk star campfire
Balladeer Bobby Angel discusses Nature Folk

What is the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)?

Bobby Angel explains:

Campfire talk in its entirety

Why? Because the Bobby Angel canon strikes at the heart of what protecting nature and getting back to the basics is all about. Or if you don’t believe me, just listen to what Bobby Angel has to say. And yes, he more than likely will mix in a few of his nature folk ballads, too.

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Summary: Bobby Angel may only know three chords, and when it comes to finger picking, usually he just settles for strumming chords. But isn’t that what a campfire shanty is all about. The sound of the campfire provides all the accompaniment you need. What’s next for Bobby Angel. Possibly a campfire tour. But first he has to finish up his second studio release: The Green Album.

Thanks for joining the campfire!

This campfire talk was brought to you by singer/songwriter Bobby Angel

Self-proclaimed spokesman of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM)

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