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My name is Cap’n Killivine, and you guessed it — I’m getting into good penmanshape. After years (actually, close to a decade) of doing nothing but hen pecking at a keyboard and texting with my thumbs, I’m back to what I do best — handwritten letters. Not that I’m where I want to be yet. Getting into good penmanshape takes work!

So thanks for stopping by my campfire, and enjoy!

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Handwriting workshop

I’ll be the first to admit …

That this isn’t the best handwritten note.

But the truth is you’ve got to start somewhere. And in retrospect, it’s not all that bad, even though it started poorly and really didn’t have a strong finish. The secret? When in doubt go for the margin to write a good P.S.. In this case, actually, the P.S. wasn’t all that good. What it did show was extra effort, and when it comes to letter writing, effort counts.

What really makes this letter stand out is the play by play analysis.

Return of the Lone Pencil
Cap'n Killivine Rides Again!

It’s not easy being a pencil …

In a smart phone dominated world.

Cap’n K discusses the lost art of writing

Such is the plight of Cap’n Killivine in his quest to be the hero of the day. Or is he just trying to get by? Really, when it comes to letter, writing — it’s a little of both. You write a letter as much for yourself as the person you send it to. That being said, of all the letters I’ve ever written, I’ve never made a copy. I just send them and forget about them other then what conversation or follow up dialog they may generate. I remember as a kid my grandfather using a sheet of carbon to make a copy of everything he wrote. And by carbon copy, it was a sheet of just that — carbon paper — that he dutifully put underneath the sheet of paper he was writing on.

Listen folks, if I’m hearing Cap’n Killivine correctly, we don’t have to revert back to those days. Texting still has its place. But good old-fashioned letter writing (to anyone, or no one in particular) will never be replaced.

How To: Write a letter
And save the stamp

Sick of searching for a pen pal?

Write a letter to yourself.

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Cap’n Killivine is filling in for Guitar (who is out with a broken spring) to describe the inner dynamics of using a pencil and paper to communicate your thoughts. And the truth is, it doesn’t depend what type of pencil or pen you use.

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