Candidate Burt Silver
It's a New Dawn with Burt Silver (because he stayed up all night to see it)

His ancestors trace back to the Mongolian Plain. And pass through the Nordic Sea. And after that, quite frankly, we lose track. His mother was a mermaid at Crystal Clear Spring, well, before the spring was polluted by nearby cattle. And his father was an 8th generation timberman, turned rancher turned land developer. While other candidates are making empty promises on TV, Burt Silver is making deals in late night smoky boiler rooms. And winning hard fought negotiations at the card table where, when the chips are down, he bets on himself, and doubles down. Where the real work gets done. It’s a new dawn with Burt Silver, because he stayed up all night to see it. Candidate Burt Silver wants your vote. “I’m Burt Silver and I approve of this message.” Paid for by Burt Silver’s gambling earnings.