The Campfire

Boogie Phone Pop Quiz
Test your phone knowledge

Yes, we all have phones …

But are you using yours correctly?

Boogie Quiz

Take Test Now

  1. When is it appropriate to giddily text back and forth with someone? a. While driving on a multi-lane highway b. In a meeting (as long as you pretend it’s “important business”) c. While someone else is trying to talk to you “in person” d. At the dinner table with your family e. All the above
  2. How often should you check your newsfeed? a. About every hour, so long as it’s a slow news day b. Whenever you pick up your phone c. Multiple times per hour d. Whenever you’re bored or unmotivated to do something else e. All of the above
  3. What’s your least favorite thing to do with your phone? a. Take a selfie b. Talk to a person c. Social media d. Contribute to Big Data e. Google search
  4. When should you not have your phone? a. Never b. At the dinner table c. While sleeping d. While exercising e. While swimming in the ocean

See answer key at the bottom

And remember, proper phone usage is a key to a happy and healthy life. That means putting the phone first (and sometimes even second) and everything else third, if not even fourth.

This public service announcement is brought to you by:

Answer Key 1e, 2e, 3b, 4a

Sharpener or Bust
Getting ready for the Doodle Challenge

Yes, it’s true …

Cap’n Killivine is lonely.

Cap’n Killivine is sick of sitting around all day!

But that’ doesn’t mean he’s giving up hope. In fact, he’s never been more optimistic about the course of events. True – the Boogie Phone has the upper hand for now. But more and more people are rediscovering the joys of handwriting notes. And doodles! Is there anything more soothing to the mind and also invigorating in a strange way than filling up a blank piece of paper with a doodle?

That’s where the Doodle Challenge comes in.

Now there’s a doodle!

Draw one yourself and then hang it on the wall. You’ll be amazed how many people will admire it, and then use it as inspiration to doodle their own and similarly tape it up for display. Early estimates are that one doodle leads to ten and from their the doodles geometrically expand.

When it’s all said and done it will be a doodle revolution!

To New Beginnings
The hidden success of failure

Have you ever heard that saying:

“You can’t be a hero in your own hometown?”

The first podcast

Well, I think the same sort of applies to initial success.

Success too early in a process, or life, may feel good at the time, but can also be the kiss of death in the long run. Why? Success breads complacency in the same way failure inspires you to overcome.

My point is this:

Rudi and I co-wrote three books which, when we were done, inspired us to do a podcast. Both the books and the podcast were utter “initial” failures by traditional metrics. The silver lining was that I never lost faith. And it made me realize: Less about selling a product, the trilogy of books was the ultimate deep dive into exploring “big canvas” ideas that required 450,000 words of space and six years of time to properly spread out, metabolize and incubate in our minds. If you think writing a book, let alone a trilogy, is hard – try co-writing it with a Rudi! The mystery of the creative chemistry of our unlikely partnership became a reoccurring theme in the books. Our brief foray into a poorly-produced podcast (to discuss the books) was a dismal failure, too. Please listen to them and I think you’ll agree.

The second podcast

But all clouds have a silver linings:

The process, and those failures, was how the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) was born.

Thank God for failure – really it’s the only way we improve.


Dialog with Dino
It was a Time of Great Phonelessness

What’s could possibly be crazier …

Than a phone-eating dinosaur?

Available on Apple Podcasts and Podbean

Answer: How about a podcast hosted by a talking guitar? As odd as that may seem, you can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without and guitar by a campfire. At Firelight Radio, the content is campfire-inspired and guitar-guaranteed. That means you’re going to hear a little crackling and you’re going to hear a little plucking. Well, actually plucking is a bit of an exaggeration. Guitar may look like a guitar but his playing skills are pretty much limited to strumming.

The good news is that Guitar always has a special guest to help him get down the bottom of what the NFM is all about. In this episode, Dino the Dinosaur from the obscure geologic epoch know as “Before Phones” is in the special guest. Dino’s quest? To try to find his way back to the epoch Before Phones, also known as BP. His method for getting there is eating every phone that he sees.

Rules of Life
With AM Radio Host Buck Buckner

Looking for ways to improve your life?

Buck Buckner’s new book may be the next “big thing.”

Buck Buckner goes on tour “outside the bunker”

The reason? For one, Buck is just brutally honest. He calls it like he sees it and doesn’t look back. If you’re looking for apologies or over-explanations, Buck probably isn’t your guy. But if you’re interested in seeing the world through a guy who joyfully lives in a bunker, Buck’s approach may resonate.

More about Buck’s new book: 9 Rules of Blank. Building off the Pocket Guide to Bigfoot and The 10/90 Rule, the 9 Rules of Blank blazes new ground in the self-improvement field. In Buck’s own words, his list is deeply philosophical … or probably “phenomenal” is a better word. Eschewing traditional lists that generically start with the number 1, Buck hits the ground running with a vivid description of his trademark zeroth rule: The Belgian waffle.

And be prepared: Unlike his solitary soliloquies Inside “The Bunker,” the uncanny success of his new book the 9 Rules of Blank have taken him on a whirl-wind speaking tour in front of sold-out crowds.

Tear Down
And why the dream lives on

What happens when your life’s work …

Is all but set to be torn down?

Stay on to hear the interview after the song

There’s no question about it: It’s a heart breaker, both to think about and even worse to see first hand. Probably the anticipation is the worst part. To see all the glamorous mega-houses moving in on all sides all the while knowing its a glimpse into the future of the fate that awaits your house. Then there is the stark reality: the place you worked so hard to maintain over the decades is nothing but a shoebox compared to the new houses moving in.

And so all is lost. Or maybe not. At the end of the day (and one’s life), it’s the memories that mean the most. Or in other words, don’t fret about materialistic things. There’s a saying that you can’t take it with you. The comfort is the memories you left behind in other people’s hearts.

Bobby Angel channels Merle Haggard in this song.

The Great Debate
Has Burt Silver finally met his match?

Just when it appeared

Burt had the election in the bag …

A show down of ideologies

Merle Turkle bursts onto the scene. What’s Merle’s strength? For one, he knows his enemy, and he knows where to hit him where in counts. In the case of Candidate Burt Silver, that’s in the smoky boiler room where he gets most of his work done. Keep in mind: Not only does Burt do all his major negotiations around the card table, it’s also the primary source of funds that pays for his campaign. As good a politician as Burt is, Merle knows his only hope to defeat him is to trick him out of the smoky boiler room and early morning diners. But will Merle prevail, or does Burt have a trick or two up his sleeve? Moral of the story: For Merle the best defense is a good offense and for Burt it’s doing whatever it takes to make it back to the late night smoky boiler room night after night.

Interview Tips
with AM Radio Host Buck Buckner

Buck Buckner didn’t just happen …

He got where he is by interviewing well.

In this video, Buck unveils some of his top interview tips. Probably his biggest secret is just being confident, and being himself. If you’re confident in life (but not too over confident), a lot of things fall in place. Someone recently told me, if you want to do well on an interview — be prepared to get some wrong. That’s where practice comes in. Other things to keep in mind: Maybe the best advice is to not do what Buck says. Just because it works for Buck, don’t expect to have the same result. Moral of the story: Don’t expect to nail your first interview (unless you’re Buck Buckner).

Family campfire
A family travels by car to a campfire talk

Sick and tired …

Of the same old evening routine?

Campfire talk in its entirety

Sounds like it’s time to shake it up with a campfire talk. That means hoping in your car and driving down the road to the nearest park, right? Actually, here at Campfire Park, we bring the campfire to you. More about this talk: Not just one video, it’s actually multiple videos stitched together in a play list. The idea is to tell an overarching story but also pepper it in with little campfire shorts that here at Campfire Park we call “campfire breaks.”

Summary of this talk: One of the advantages of living next to Campfire Park is that, on a whim, you can hop in the car and drive out into its ample wild stretches and scenic horizons to explore. Or if the sun is about to set, you may even be able to catch a campfire talk. Join a family as they embark on an evening adventure to attend a campfire talk in nearby Campfire Park. That is, if they make it on time. As good luck would have it, they listen to some nice local radio programming along the way.

Thanks for joining the campfire!

“Campfire Break” Factor
The breaks that tie the campfire together

Woven through all our campfire talks …

Are a series of “campfire breaks.”

Campfire breaks explained

What exactly is a campfire break? Think of them as commercials, although not for any economic gain. The idea is this: Instead of serving you up one long talk (that might cause some of you to fall asleep), we’ve broken our campfire talks into little bite-size chunks. That gives you the discretion to listen to the whole thing, or pick and choice the parts you want.

And for us, it allows a modular approach. We can mix and max short videos to get the large and small messages across. Even more than that, we think the combination of long-form talk and with quick-hit breaks helps adds a dynamic element to our campfire events.