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Campfire Park Newsletter, June 2021

Howdy Folks,

And welcome to the campfire.

Our goals?

  1. Create quality campfire talks (Firelight Radio YouTube Channel)
  2. Post them to Campfire Park’s website (
  3. Home deliver them to your email inbox (Subscribe now)

Campfire Tip 1: Using The Log Pile

The Log Pile is our archive of long-form campfire talks. Well, actually, there not very long. Maybe a half hour or so (it varies). And they aren’t just one continuous talk. Rather, they are short videos separated by what we call “campfire breaks.” Basically they are a play list of 4-9 shorter videos hosted on our Firelight Radio YouTube Channel.

Check out the Log Pile here.

Campfre Tip 2: Using the Kindling Box

The Log Pile is our archive of short-form campfire talks. Basically, these are 3-7 minute quick-hits. Just short videos with a fun or enlightening campfire message for you to consider and share with a friend.

Check out the Kindling Box here.

Campfire Tip 3: Campfire Park Delivers!

More than just a website, Campfire Park brings the campfire to you. And specifically, straight to your email inbox. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter. You’ll get an email chock full of campfire talks and tips a few times per month.

Subcribe to our mailing list here.

Final Tip: Join the campfire!

Here at Campfire Park, the campfire is always crackling and visitors are always welcome. In fact, we have a campfire talk just about to start. So don’t delay, and join us around the right. We think you’ll like what we’re all about.

Click here to join the campfire.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Please share with a friend!

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