Campfire at Muscovy Lake
A half-hour campfire concert

Ever want to unplug …

and relax?

Welcome to the campfire

That’s where the campfire comes in. Join the campfire to listen to Bobby Angel’s story telling in this four-song set at scenic Muscovy Lake. Songs include: Ballad of a Florida Panther, Ugliest Forest, Preserved, and Higher Moral Ground. The thing about Bobby Angel: He probably talks about the songs more than he sings them. Some nights he gets so lost in his thoughts he forgets to sing the songs altogether. Songs or no songs, there’s just something special about the campfire. It’s where we go to kick back and relax and reconnect with what’s really important in life. So, if you have a half an hour, go grab a couple marshmallows and enjoy the show.

Find out more at Bobby Angel’s website.

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