Last Stand at Boulder Ridge
A campfire book review

In this campfire talk …

The Cowboy at the Campfire provides a thought-provoking review of Book 2 of the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

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Among his observations:

  • You’ll need a good book mark,
  • The book is part sequel and part prequel to the first book,
  • It’s a story of growth and idealism giving way to reality.

And spoiler report:

  • It sets the stage for the stunning cascade of conclusions Book 3.

The Centennial Campfire Trilogy by Robert V. Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich consists of three books: (1) The Legend of Campfire Charlie, (2) Last Stand at Boulder Ridge and (3) Final Campfire.

It’s what you call an immersive read.

Why do I like most about the book?

To me, it’s a “rereadable” through a through. It’s the type of book you can pick up off your bookshelf and read front to back, or one chapter at a time, or even a few sentences. It is also what I call an immersive read. It takes you across the globe and deep back into time, to the point you can really get lost (in a good way).

As for my favorite scene?

It’s probably the campfire banter between Rusty and Kenny while in the desert overseas. Or maybe it’s Rusty’s airboat ride with his father? Or maybe his boyhood encounter with Edward Abbey? Or maybe it’s the journals of Col. Stanley Powell. Or maybe it’s the Bone Wars era archaeological dinosaur dig. Or maybe it’s even the prologue to the book.

It’s an adventure through and through

What I can say for sure is this:

My mom loved it so it must be a great book!

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