Bookmark Revival

I know what your thinking …

The day of the bookmark has run its course.

Or is there a bookmark revival underway as we speak?

My philosophy is that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. Think about it folks, everyone and their uncle (and aunt and grandma) has bought in hook line and sinker to the digital revolution, or more specifically smart phones. And largely we all did it without a thought, not even a second guess, of what we left behind. It was FOMO all he way – i.e. “fear of missing out.” Well, let me introduce you to a new acronymn. It’s called the “fear of what we lost,” or FOWWL for short. Okay, that acronymn isn’t the best, as I do not want to throw chickens or turkeys or geese under the bus. But let’s face it, there’s a return to simplicity under foot. And no vestige of that simpler era is more symbolic of the what we need to reclaim than the bookmark.

Why? For one they help you remember the exact page you left off. And in a completely non digital way.

Mark my words, the bookmark revival is underway!

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