Adventures of Ranger Rusty
A campfire tale

Every once in a great while,

There’s a book that shows up new on the scene.

At first people don’t pay in much mind.

But over time its deeper meaning, and entertainment value starts to soak in. To cut to the chase, I’m talking about a book, and not just any old book, but a book that was part of a trilogy written by two park rangers named Robert V. Sobczak and Rudi Heinrich.Visit the trilogy’s webpage

The thing about this book:

They never set out to write a book, let alone a trilogy.

The trilogy was written from 2015 to 2020

Their simple goal:

A 30 minute campfire talk.

In action at the campfire talk

The rest, shall we say, is campfire legend.

Or more specifically, The Legend of Campfire Charlie.

It’s not only rereadable …

It’s a worthy addition on any bookshelf … in my opinion.

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